Trade Fair Shanghai 2015

25 November 2015
















Chuck Payne


王若琳御用鼓手Chuck Payne,






Matt Bayne


音樂劇《Ghost 人鬼情未了》全球巡演鼓手Matt Bayne,






Abe Lagrimas Jr.


更有多才多藝的夏威夷指彈大師Abe Lagrimas Jr.前來與Chuck即興鼓手較量。







Gioco In Soultone

Gioco in Soultone








Gioco in盧廣仲專區








Dead Shape Figure


不得不提的S1舞臺,芬蘭的激流強團DEAD SHAPE FIGURE帶來重金屬搖滾,






Soultone Cymbals partners with Gioco Drums at Musik Messe Shanghai to present an incredible new combination of products for drummers and percussionists with the finest sound and built-quality

8 October 2015

Soultone Cymbals Partners with Gioco Drums At MusikMesse Shanghai to Present an Incredible New Combination of Products for Drummers and Percussionists with the Finest Sound and Built-Quality 01 October 2015 – Encino, California USA – Innovative cymbal manufacturers, Soultone Cymbals, will partner with Gioco Drums (China) to introduce the world to their drum products that, like Soultone, are engineered for sonic excellence with a dedication to outstanding build-quality and the highest level of performance. The
companies will display their products together at the 2015 MusikMesse’s Music China conference booth E5D28 in Shanghai 14 – 17 October 2015.

“We have a mutual respect for each other’s philosophies – that is to create only the very best products for the drummers and percussionists in every style of music – and that goes back more than a decade,” reports Iki Levy, founder and president of Soultone Cymbals.

Gioco (pronounced “gee-OH-koe”) Corporation has produced high-quality custom and midline drums for nearly 30 years. With zero-outsource manufacturing of the core drum components, their products offer a signature sound and excellent quality for every level and venue of performance. With their latest addition, the American Maple Series as the flagship to their product line, Gioco is widely considered to be one of the fastest growing drum manufacturers worldwide. Gioco also becomes the first authorized dealer for Soultone Cymbals in China and will offer the products with their new drum sets.

About Soultone Cymbals®
Established in 2003, Soultone Cymbals is one of the fastest growing and respected manufacturers for top drummers performing on live concert tours, in the recording studio, in houses of worship, and in educational institutions. The company’s superior quality cymbals offer an unrivaled sound, feel and performance for today’s most demanding drummers and percussionists. Soultone Cymbals® has a roster of highly respected artists – from nearly every genre and style of music – with a reputation for product excellence and outstanding personal attention. Founded by legendary drummer and percussionist, Iki Levy, after his frustrations with mass-produced and inconsistent sounding cymbals led him to develop his own innovative product designs. Today, Soultone Cymbals® are available through their global network of musical instrument retailers, via, and from specialty dealers worldwide that can be located on the company’s website.

About Gioco
Gioco is the newest member of the Heng Chao Group, a well-regarded and highly experienced drum manufacturer founded in 1985. Gioco shares a history with Heng Chao that spans nearly three decades of drum manufacturing during which they have produced over 1,000,000 drum kits. In the process, they built their reputation for constructing some of the world’s most outstanding sounding drums with extraordinarily consistent quality. The Gioco mission is to energize the business of creating drums with dedication, enthusiasm, and innovative designs to become a fresh voice in the business of drum manufacturing.