Inside Gioco

We are a new name in the drum industry. Yet this does not mean we are new to drums. Quite the opposite, we have over three decades of drum-making experiences under our belt.

Gioco at Glance
Established: 2005
Main products: lacquer drums ; marching drums; drum hardware & accessories.
Capabilities: offering OEM, ODM & OCM (own consulting manufacturing) services.
Affiliates: Heng Chao (Parent Company)

At Gioco, we regard drum-making as a craft.
We pride ourselves on delivering a level of consistency that exceeds to our customers’ expectations.

Gioco’s capabilities
Gioco specializes in the design and production of entry, mid & professional —range drum kits. In addition to traditional original-equipment-manufacturing (OEM)services, we also offer original-design-manufacturing (ODM) services and Original Consulting Service (OCM).

We are also investing in our ability to deliver a more comprehensive manufacturing solution. Gioco now owns and operates production facilities with the capacity to manufacture, in-house, 100% of core drum components, and as much as 75% of drum-kit hardware. This internal production capability is providing gioco with the ability to meet the growing cost-demands of today’s markets.

Beyond our focus on cost-competitiveness, we are also expanding our production line to meet the expanding product offerings of our many addition to entry, mid-range and professional drum-kits, Gioco now also offers production of niche percussion instruments such as kids drums, marching drums, Latin percussion, and much more.

At a glance

Established 2005

Main products
Entry-level, mid-range to professional drum kits; Junior and kids drum kits: Marching drums,
hardware and accessories.

China 6000 complete sets per month
Taiwan 3000 complete sets per month

200 full time

USD 2 million

Factory size
23000 m2