Gioco Conquest is specially designed for the first-time learning kid. It comes ready-to-play with all the hardware and accessories. The shells are made of 7-ply maple, which is unlikely to be seen in the entry level drumset. Add to that, this is also a solid performing kit, responds to the fastest and most dynamic of playing.






7-ply maple shells
1.6mm triple-flange steel hoops
Wooden drum hoops with inlay
Bass Drum Heads with muffle rings
Pedal (PD 3000)
Hi-Hat Stand (HH 2000)
Cymbal Boom Stand (CS 3000)
Snare Stand (SS 2000)
Drum Throne (DT 2000)
14” Hi-Hats & 16” Crash Ride
Hickory Drum stick

Available in five colours: Metallic gold (CRB),  Metallic silver(SRB)
Sparkle Black (CCM), Hairline Red (RDS), White (WH)