The Diamond series drum set from Gioco gives the serious musician a readily recordable, tonally precise instrument. With tuning tweaks, these drums can be made to respond with projection or warmth, without sacrificing either qualities. Strengths also laid in the fact that these drums possessed optimally controlled resonation – making them microphone friendly. The Diamond snare has an expression that is loud and proud – a powerful combination of power and attack that can be unleashed even under the stroke of a 5A stick. Rolls were well defined all throughout the kit – from snare to floor tom, making intricate sticking patterns easy to execute and a pleasure to listen to

The Diamond series drums are stylistically most suited within Rock, Pop or Metal contexts




7-ply maple shells
2.3 mm triple-flange steel hoops
Eco-friendly drum hardware
Wooden drum hoops match with same finish
Bass Drum Heads with muffle rings
Gioco’s exclusive ISO system

Available in four colours:
Gold black burst (GOF) , Metallic blue (BE), Metallic Red (MR),
Metallic Green (GE), Metallic pink burst (PI), Metallic blue burst (AUB)