Gioco Fly Series
A gorgeous set of drums for that discerning player interested in having an instrument with a professional sound. Featuring an emphasis on projection, the strengths of Gioco’s fly series reside within its powerful low end – generated from the bass drum and floor tom. Easily tuned, this kit can be made to handle melodic specifications instead of the usual pseudo tones that generic brands of this level might offer. While most stock snares from other brands rattle and hum – the fly series snare drum has a penetrating but slightly muffled sound reminiscent of old Motown records. This vintage sound can also be tuned to encompass other styles such as Jazz or even Be-bop. Shuffles – played in the style of a march (using all the drums ) sounded fantastic due to the definition of each drum within the kit.




7-ply maple shells,
1.6 mm triple-flange steel hoops
Wooden drum hoops match with same finish
White coated Bass Drum Heads with muffle rings
Gioco’s exclusive ISO system

Available in Six colours: Petrol Green (GE) , Ellington Black (AB),
Tabaco (BW), Forest Green (FG), Pink Lady (MD), Lime (Li)