The GIO metal snare – is a cutting instrument that is versatile and compatible with many different types of drum kits. It possesses a wide tuning range and has a very musical shell with controlled overtones especially where rim shots are concerned. Dynamically, the drum had great presence and resonance – especially when played with brushes. Cross stick techniques also exuded a click that was reminiscent of one made from a wooden snare – an impressive characteristic rarely found in todays metal snares.

With snares off, and tuned under medium tension, this drum emanated sounds that were custom made for latin music and could definitely be used to authentically create timbale type rhythms. With snares on, this drum transformed into an instrument that invited the player to give it a strong back beat. Rolls also sounded pristine leading to another verdict – that this drum could also be used to execute New Orleans style second line grooves.


Metal choices: Steel, Aluminum
Finishes: Black Nickle, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Copper or Brass
2.3 Ultra Hoop
Available in 3 sizes: 14×5.5, 14×6, 13×6