Gioco’s Mine series drum set is the flagship of the company’s percussive arsenal. Its sound can best be described as extravagant. With power and depth in all frequencies – this kit sounded as though it was already equalised, even though it was set up and played – with minimal tuning – right out of the box . The bass drum was thunderous and deep and had a well punctuated difference when the pedal beater was changed from felt to plastic, with the latter yielding greater attack and penetration. Toms were sonically well separated with the highest tom bearing the most projection tonally. The Mine snare sounded arena ready and embodied a rock sound that stood out well under the tonal fortress of all the drums, especially when the kit was played as one complete instrument.


Wood choices from African Bubinga, American Walnut, Maple Burl to American Maple.
All types of lacquer finishes.
Made to order